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A Life Coach

is a person that will assist you in developing yourself to the person you believe you can be, doing the things you believe in, that make you happy, with results which you have pre-set and are delighted with. That sentence says lot.

Take a moment to read it again, sit back and think about it for a minute.

Take the LEAP, make the CHANGE

The reason I decided to become an NLP Practitioner and Life Coach is to help people in the areas they feel stuck or they feel life serves no purpose. I, myself have been there. One thing I have learned the hard way is that you cannot pour from an empty cup.

What I represent and what you can expect from me is to assist you make the rest of your life the best of your life. Failure does not existOnly feedback. When life knocks you down, land on your back, because if you can look up, you can get up.

You have all the resources inside of you. And my job is to help you tap into those resources in order to achieve your desired outcome. But you have got to be willing to take the leap.

NLP Life Coach

To break down NLP in a simple explanation:

Neuro – absorb/process information via our 5 senses through our mind and nervous system.
Linguistic –a language system we use to express our internal and external representations, including language, gestures and posture.
Programming – This is the process how the above two mentioned work together. Also known as our best friend or foe – the subconscious mind. Think of a PC. If we do not regularly delete, install and upgrade programs, it will not operate properly. The brain works the same. In order for our mental software to function properly during information processing, we need to regularly run an anti-virus and clear the “junk”.

What causes us to complain about our circumstances, environment, life in general etc.?
What causes us to fear change?
What is the main cause for us to remain stuck in discomfort rather than pursuing a more favorable life?



Fear of what if…
…I fail…
…I succeed and can’t handle it…
…nobody likes the REAL me…
…I am not good enough…
…I can’t do it…
…I won’t succeed…
…what others think…?

By thinking like this we are limiting our minds.

Think small = limit
Think in fear = limit
Think big = freedom, opportunities, I CAN, I WILL, LEADERSHIP

What best describes you…?

  • I take action and get things done

  • I think about taking action

  • I talk about taking action

Individual Coaching


  • Personal Transformation

  • Breaking old and unhelpful patterns

  • How to align your strengths and passions to get more meaningful results.

  • Reframing (Changing the meaning of a communication by changing the context, the frame size or other changes that put the communication into a situation where the meaning is altered.)

  • Who am I/Who am Me (How to bring the two together)

  • There are no limits

  • What is fear and breaking it

  • Putting yourself first without “thinking” you are selfish.

  • Boundaries

  • Learn the truth about priorities

Business Coaching


  • How to start your own business

  • Growing your business

  • Becoming more proactive

  • Empowering employees

  • Creative thinking

  • Leadership and Professional success

  • Delegation skills

Team Coaching


  • What makes a team so effective?

  • Every piece of the puzzle plays an important part in completing the entire picture.

  • Building stronger team dynamics

  • Develop areas of opportunities into strengths

  • SWOT analysis

  • Communication collaboration

Public Speaking/Events


  • Schools (Daily challenges facing the youth)

  • Events – Woman’s/Men’s events

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